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Kitchen Reminder

I sometimes get so very caught up in the ordinary every-day jobs, feeling overwhelmed by the tasks that “keep me from” my greater calling. Too often I forget that my greatest calling is within smallest responsibilities, as I take every thought captive, and train every muscle to the glory of God. How many times I forget that the God of the atoms orchestrates even the smallest jobs for my growth and His glory. May I remember Him and extol Him in the mundane, in the every-day, in the boring corners of my daily routine.

This is my kitchen reminder today:

In creating a home, build a sanctuary. Establish the corners of your dwelling on the foundation of Christ and live each moment as if you are breathing in the glory of the Holy of Holies.

For that is your current position: you rest in the closeness of God Himself, and the Shekinah Glory oversees your every menial task as an offering to the Almighty.

Train your heart and hand to work WILLINGLY and with JOY, knowing that, as you build a home, you shape a generation and influence a civilization, thus reflecting the Redeemer upon the canvas of eternity.

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