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Practicing Gratitude Book Cover
Practicing Gratitude Book Cover

Practicing Gratitude: How Knowing God Leads to Biblical Thankfulness

As Christian women we are so often distracted by the hard things, the busy things, and the little things in life. Our intentional thankfulness to God is relegated to meal times, narrow misses, and communion services. As beings created to worship, we are commanded to live a life of thanks, yet we tend to put gratitude on the lower end of priorities. Part devotional, part journal, Practicing Gratitude reminds us that our thankful heart is tied to our relationship with our Good Giver God, where thankfulness, praise, and devotion hold hands in a natural outpouring of gratitude.

Paperback, 89 pages

Hymns of Hope for the Weary Woman

At the heart of hope rests the character of God, who is unchanging and ever faithful. Therein rests our anticipation of all His promises and our joyful acceptance of His provision. When we know God, we will trust His heart, and we can then purpose our days to worship and love Him more, even through the most bitter sovereignty.

Hymns of Hope is a collection of thirteen hymns—classic favorites and hidden gems—with a short devotional and a call to prayer and praise penned by Christin Hunt. Gorgeously illustrated by the stunning photography of Bethany Joy Weeks, Hymns of Hope will train the reader’s attention to the beauty of God’s nature with the reminder that in Him, our hope will never be shaken.

Paperback, 77 pages

Hymns of Hope Book Cover
Nikki Book Cover

Nikki Learns About Life

"That was the problem about being nine," she thought. "Nobody knows what I'm going through, nobody knows what I'm thinking, and absolutely nobody understands."

Nikki is just like nearly every other homeschooled fourth grader: talented, adventurous, and utterly misunderstood. As she navigates the horrors of life with siblings, chores, and stolen pastries, Nikki will lead the young reader along her growing understanding of who God is, and who He has called her to become. A response/journal section encourages both mother and daughter to discuss and apply character traits as depicted in the book.

Paperback, 137 pages


Poems and Pooh

Our dear friend and poet, Winnie-The-Pooh, has shared ten delightful ditties with us, herein compiled.

Each song and psalter is joined by a short literary exercise, to allow the young mind an opportunity to delve into the world of poetry in a slightly more involved manner.

Pulled from A.A. Milne's classic, Winnie-the-Pooh, this little workbook is geared towards grades 3-6, though the poems themselves are sure to bring joy to young hearts of all ages.

Paperback, 28 pages

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