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Download My Notes From This Week's Talk

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By hitting SUBMIT you will be taken to a page to view the slide gallery, which also has a link to download this week's notes. You will also receive the notes in an attachment via email as soon as the magical internet robots do what they're programed to do.

In addition, you're joining my email list. But don't worry, you will NEVER be spammed! Emails are typically sent out every other month and I promise to only send you that which thrills my soul.

This includes the awe-inspiring richness of the character of God, the beauty of his creation, and how I've seen him reveal himself in the most heart-gripping ways. 

(Also, simply by joining my little email family you help me "prove my platform" to potential publishers. Because these days, numbers are everything. It's the silly truth.)

Thank you for trusting me with your inbox!

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