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Creating a Proper Heart Attitude When Times Are Hard

Our world is in obvious turmoil these days. The broken state of this planet and the broken state of its inhabitants is clearly on display, and the ramification of sin is easier to identify.


In light of these challenging times it can be hard to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, which is simply a heart-position of trust, but results in a deeper settling of our faith and beautiful mental and physical changes.  (Consider picking up What's So Great About Practicing Gratitude from the freebie page for insights regarding the benefits of a biblical thankful heart.)

In light of both the difficulty of practicing gratitude and the wonderful blessings derived in cultivating thankfulness I have made this little ebook available for free. I hope it blesses your heart, and breaths a new joy in knowing God through practicing gratitude. 

PDF book image (5).png

CLICK the image above to enter the Freebie Page for your FREE download.

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