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Blessings From Heaven

I should be used to it by now.  But I’m not.  The novelty should have worn off, but, well, it’s still there. There’s something incredible about Jesus’ goodness- it’s NEVER tiring.  Despite its consistency, it’s still amazing.  The stalwart faithfulness of our Jesus is mind-blowing and will never get old.

Once again, Jesus had brought us to a financial place where we simply couldn’t take care of our own needs.  Rent?  Not sure where that will come from.  Lights? Food? Toilet paper?  Um… nope.  No idea how to get those.  It was to the point that, due to a miscalculation, my card was declined at the grocery store.  Oh, how embarrassing!!  I was so blessed to have a sweet friend cover me for that transaction, as there was no way I could make it happen.  

In our nearly eight years of marriage, we have walked this particular path many times.  So I knew in my heart of hearts that we would be cared for.  As long as we were faithful with what we knew to be true, and were good stewards with which we were entrusted, Jesus would take care of the rest.  I assumed that I would pick up some extra voice over jobs, or that my husband would load up on overtime, and we’d be set.  I had a plan, assuming that Jesus would do something ‘normal’ for a change.  

But I didn’t see it coming.  I never do.  Through the years, sometimes the provision showed up as a twenty-dollar bill taped to our car’s window.  Other times it’s a bag of groceries left as a ding-dong-ditch. And then, several times, we’ve been personally loved on by a dear friend, pressing money into our hands, saying, “This is a gift. It’s from Jesus; I’m merely the messenger.”

I remember the first time a saint handed me money in a time of financial need.  It was when my proud heart hated the thought of being indebted to anyone, and I attempted to refuse.  I don’t remember who it was, but to this day, I can still see her eyes.  Soft, blue, intense.  They were sharp and bright and very kind but, as she spoke, they became steely and strong.  

“Don’t you dare refuse this,” she admonished me. “We are called to be generous, and to give to others.  How am I able to obey that command if you won’t accept my gift?!  If you tell me ‘no,’ then you will be ROBBING ME OF A BLESSING.”

She was right.  We’ve had a handful of chances to be generous to others, and each time we have reaped far more than we sowed.  If for no other reason, I needed to accept the help of others for their sakes.  If I truly loved them, then I would rejoice in allowing them to experience the sweet blessing that follows obedience in exercising a generous heart.  (In a similar realization, each month that we are faithful to tithe what little income we have, and use the rest wisely and frugally, Jesus has never let us overdraw our account.  The more impossible it is for us to succeed, the more clearly we see Jesus working on our behalf.)

This time around, Jesus cared for us by way of his children, as He so often does.  An anonymous check, delivered via our church, provided the funds necessary to cover all our needs.  I was puzzled when it was handed to me, expecting the envelope to hold a reimbursement of sorts.  When I opened it, however, tears immediately jumped to my eyes.  Yet again, when I was least expecting it, my faith was supercharged and expanded.

Friend, is there an area in your life that you struggle to give entirely to Jesus?  Is your faith weak and feeble?  Please take this story and be encouraged by just one of the numerous ways Jesus has cared for our family, and know that He is that very same Savior to you.

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