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When Pain Becomes a Friend

Further up and further in.

🌿The pain may never leave. It may linger forever—sometimes fiercely, sometimes tucked away in the smallest corner of our heart, sometimes deceptively dormant, yet roaring into an inferno of incapacitating longing, grief, and rage.

🌿But as we move forward, the pain tied to our ankle, we learn to walk again. At first our steps are slow as we drag the weight of grief along with us. Struggling up the mountains in life, we often fear that our pain will drag us back to where we began. But eventually, we will learn to appreciate the times when, as the fearsome storms of life impede our progress, our pain becomes an anchor, showing us where we are, how far we’ve come, and securing us in our climb, though the tsunami threatens to backhand us off the mountain entirely.

🌿At that point, we embrace the pain, realizing it has become a part of us—a healthy part of us. Rather than a burden it has become a ballast, grounding us when gales threaten. And then, when the storms pass we lovingly take up that anchor, strap it to our backs and continue to climb.

🌿The grief of our past is no longer a ball and chain, no longer an impediment, but a tool of stability. A companion more than a curse. A friend more than a fear. It is only in pressing on that the pain will become anything more than an enemy.

🌿When we press on, pain holds hands with promise, and we continue further up and further in.

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