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Welcome, New Year!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

I am not defined by the circumstances of this past year, nor whatever the next year holds. I am defined by the One who carefully guides me through each day, and my understanding of that definition is shown by my response to those events.

This past year was hard, but so were the last several decades. Why? Simply because my heart has been pummeled by events out of my control since I became aware of life outside myself.

Yet in each of those trials, strains, pressures, and heavy places I am made more aware of the specific grace of Jesus which permeates through every bitter pain in the most detailed, exact, beautiful way.

Were it not for the pain I would not understand His comfort. Were it not for the sorrow I would not understand His peace. Were it not for the brokenness I would not understand His healing. I will not ask for pain, but I will pray to know Him more.

And, if pain is the path to a fuller understanding of my Savior’s heart, then I am pleased to make pain my sweetest friend.

Welcome, New Year. I know your Commander and He loves me. I will ever trust Him as you are dictated by His goodness.

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