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The Aim of the Christian

🌿As Christians this life on earth is not about freedoms and opportunities and equality. It is about laying down our comforts, our ambitions, and even our lives for the sake of others, for the glory of Christ and the furtherance of the gospel.

When justice is realized in our lifetime it is a beautiful grace, yet that is not our ultimate aim.

Our aim is to love with Jesus’s love. When His love permeates the hearts of those around us they will be transformed into people that will also instinctively and supernaturally love others. And THAT is where the change will occur. It is in the individual’s heart that we will see the birth of hope and justice.

American Christians have been afforded beautiful comfort, and we are blessed to enjoy and support our country. Yet patriotism is not eternal. And freedom is not the marker of our resolve. We must not confuse patriotism with the gospel, nor liberty with our heavenly hope. We are promised trials as Christians, yet our purpose to serve remains.

Do not be surprised when you have trouble, but love all the more, do good to those who persecute you, carry the cloak of your enemy an extra mile, and they will know us by our love.

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