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Oh Lord, Come Quickly

🌿When it seems that truth is hiding behind a cloud of fear and pride, and hope is being suffocated by selfish worldviews, it can be hard to know what to believe, much less what to do. But regardless of the most bitter of circumstances there are tennants of understanding that must always be remembered.

🌿Know that all life must be guarded, as all humans were created in the image of God. Know that Truth is immovable and unwavering, and Justice and Right Living must be the standards of community. And know that Love and Unity are essential.

🌿In light of that foundation we as Christians are called to a role of uncompromising diligence in upholding the sanctity of life—from the womb to the final natural breath of all mankind. We are called to the pursuit of justice for any deviances from righteous, truthful living. And in the middle of those callings we are summoned to a life of love and unity, pursuing the hearts of others before our own comforts.

🌿As to what that should look like practically will depend upon which side of the millennial kingdom we reside.

🌿For now we give up our rights and comforts in order to preserve the rights of those who cannot defend themselves. For now we stand for truth through the lens of love and plead for justice through the bonds of unity. For now our chests heave with anguished tears as we brokenly cry out “Lord, come quickly.”

🌿But soon Jesus WILL come with victory and will reign in absolute recognized authority, upholding truth and immediate justice. 🎵And this our plea: forever be Lord Jesus our only Truth.

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