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Nikki Is HERE!

Oh, Friends! After a year of writing, editing, designing, hoping, changing, uploading, formatting, rearranging, and waiting, my little book, Nikki Learns About Life, is available!

This little story follows nine-year-old Nikki as she navigates life and home, complete with annoying siblings, parents who don't understand, and other inexplicable pressures of feeling unseen. After the final chapter was written and I read over what had been typed out I realized that it had become a biblical counseling handbook and devotional for mothers and daughters, disguised as Children's Literature.

Releasing a second book is so different than birthing the first... I am still just as excited, and just as satisfied in the effort that was poured into the book, but there is less stress, less fear, and more rest. I have been learning (again and again and again) that my worth has absolutely nothing to do with anything I can achieve or become, and is instead hinged on who JESUS is and who He has called me to become. On account of that continued growth, releasing Nikki is simply JOY.

That which I've been learning about life and love and longing, and every piece of biblical counseling that I've been immersing myself in has blanketed the process of letting this little book live. And I am EXCITED!

I had a handful of girls and mamas who had the chance to read Nikki over the last several weeks, and several shared some really encouraging reviews. It is super exciting to see how Nikki is already equipping families to know and love Jesus more, and how a little story bolsters them to serve Him-- specifically in the realm of life with a tween girl.

A couple of responses from mamas:

The book has served us in relating spiritual concepts that I could not have provided myself.
It helped my daughter voice how she sometimes feels lost in our family and can relate to Nikki.
Because the content is so relevant to the kids and even myself, we have had some wonderful heart conversations.

The second Nikki book is already under way, and I'm SUPER excited about what's happening in her life as a ten-year-old. But for right now I'm trying to remember that my priority is to make this first book available and exciting everyone who doesn't live inside my own head!

I am NOT a gifted marketer. I'm not wonderful at making sure that relevant audiences know about resources that might be a blessing to them. On account of this, I am SO very appreciative for your encouragement and support. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!)

If you place an order via my website, please use the promo code STUDYGIRLS for an extra $1 off your order. (To "cheat" the system for $1 off multiple items you'll need to make multiple orders.) The trick is that I'm still waiting on my copies, so it'll take a couple of weeks to receive your treasures if you purchase through me. If you head to Amazon, however, you can get both the book and the companion journal and have them delivered in just a couple of days.

Oh, my goodness. WOW.

This has been such a fun journey, and I am SO grateful to have you along for the ride.

Thank you for your continued support, and for your investment in this ministry. If I come to mind please pray that Jesus will use the Nikki Learns series to His glory, and that in reading it others would know Him more.

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