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It's DONE!

Practicing Gratitude has been released! Wow!

I have been writing this email in my head for the last few days and I simply can not accurately convey my heart... The birth of a book, I knew, would be an emotional and mental release. I had anticipated the thrill and the hope and the wonder. I had not, however, considered the utter and absolute TERROR.

So now, after fifteen years of practicing prudence in speech and counting the weight of my words before they are spoken, I have written a book. Words encapsulated for all of time with my name claiming ownership. Not simply a conversation that might be forgotten or even an email which may be ignored, but a book in print, written with intention and purpose. Years from now my walk with Jesus may be judged by this little devotional, but more importantly, its pages have the power influence others either toward or away from knowing God more.

In reflection, I am realizing that 'terror' is not the root of the fluttering in my heart nor the tightness in my chest. It's not terror, it's FEAR. Not a 'scared' fear, but a holy reverence in light of the power, authority, and worth of the God I claim to represent. Knowing that I have taken His words and communicated them to others places upon me the responsibility to showcase God as He would be seen. In calling my fellow Christian women to a deeper relationship with God, I am commissioned to handle His truth well, wisely, in context, in reverence, and with all hope to inspire readers to see Him, not me.

Oh, that this book would reflect Jesus well!

So, with the weight of knowing the permanency of my words in printed form, my prayer is that Jesus would use Practicing Gratitude to His glory. May I be a channel for His truth, a beacon of His grace, and a catalyst for the encouragement of others as they are encouraged to know God more. May I continue to stand in holy reverence of His Truth, and may I always be willing to submit humbly to His will for both this book and my life.

Thank you, dear friends, for allowing me the opportunity to share how Jesus has been growing me. Thank you for supporting me in this new journey. Thank you for joining me in the excitement of all Jesus has planned for Practicing Gratitude.

I appreciate you!

With gratitude,


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