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Greatest Hope for Depression

🌿Depression has become increasingly prevalent in our world, and there is a sense of loss and longing that has debilitated so many hearts. Broken relationship and unmet expectations, bringing us grief and sorrow, building up into an insurmountable obstacle. Combined with the belief that we ourselves can do nothing to change those hard things (worse yet, we are to blame), leads to an overwhelming hopelessness. 🌿As terrifying as it is, our sin should–must!--evoke that exact sorrow in our hearts. When confronted with our unrighteousness before a holy God there ought to be an utter grief and horror over our sinful state.

🌿But God. God, who is rich in mercy, has answered that inevitable defeat with the victory of His own Son, Jesus. Nothing can wash away our sin. Not our good deeds, not our best intentions, not anything we might give the world. Nothing. Except Jesus’ blood and His righteousness. He alone is our hope and peace. It is in His blood that we are clean. 🌿And that, the gospel, the good news, is the only thing that has the strength to battle today’s depression and hopelessness, not only for the ubeliever, but especially to those who are redeemed.

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