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God Does Not Show Up

Another unpopular opinion…

I understand that, when most folks say that God “showed up,” they simply mean that His glory was super evident to them in a given situation and it rocked their world. But… the Bible never uses that concept, but rather says God “revealed Himself,” or that “the people’s eyes were opened.”

At the Red Sea God absolutely worked an incredible miracle and some may say he “showed up,” but he was already there- visible and tangible in a cloud of smoke. Others may talk about a worship service or gospel-centric event in which they were emotionally moved or encouraged towards specific choices, but having God “show up” makes it sound as if we needed to spruce up the place before he is willing to make an appearance.

What if the church started using God’s own words from scripture to describe God’s character and actions? Wouldn’t that carry more weight than simply saying that he “showed up?”

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