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Do you enjoy a regular morning beverage? Do you have a favorite mug/cup you use? Why is it special to you? The one pictured here is precious to me...

When my middle turned nine her grandma took her out birthday shopping. In addition to a few sweet gifts for herself, my daughter came home with an additional little bag.

Our anniversary is one week after her birthday and she had not only remembered that fact, but chose to spend her own birthday money to buy presents for me and Jason.

Knowing that coffee is a sweet treat for me, and that I regularly spend my early mornings writing, she decided that the “coffee in one hand, confidence in the other” quote was the perfect saying for me.

On a very vulnerable note, it has only been very recently that I have felt any confidence in my writing. Thanks to a rich homeschooling background I knew I didn’t stink at it (thanks, mom!) but I had a hard time believing that I actually had something worth sharing.

But I knew Jesus had called me to use words to His glory. And as Alice Crider said, “If God has called you to write, then you are a writer.“

But even if I had 100 published works and was a regular on every bestsellersellers list, that is not where I am called to place my confidence.

My confidence must rest in my Rescuer Redeemer who has equipped and commissioned me to herald His heart to the world.

So as I sip and type, may my readers see not me, but the Greatest Author, for whom I write. 🌿

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Teresa Moyer
Teresa Moyer
May 27, 2021

Love your coffee cup and pink is my favorite color.

Christin Hunt
Christin Hunt
May 27, 2021
Replying to

Thank you! It’s very perky. 🥰

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