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Bunnies and Blessings

We were just blessed with our first family pet, and over and over I am reminded of how gracious God is to us. We do not deserve anything good, yet God lavishes His own goodness on us. Beyond that, He is pleased to gift us with sweet gifts of temporal pleasure… including bunnies.

We’re our salvation the only thing we receive from God, we ought to be forever and all of his goodness. That he would also gift us with temporal sweetness should someone our eternal awe.

We have been given so many wonderful little things that should direct our attention to the heart of God. Just as pain is ordained to draw us closer to Jesus, so also comfort and sweetness is orchestrated to show us His character.

CHALLENGE: Make a list of 5 things that bring you comfort or happiness. There are deep, spiritual, eternal aspects of God and his goodness that we must always be grateful for, but we must never forget to be thankful for the little things also. Whether it is a sweet relationship with a family member, your favorite flowers in bloom, finding the perfect pair of shoes, or the invention of scotch tape, every good and beautiful thing comes from the father of lights, and to him we must forever be grateful.🌿

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