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Beautiful Mess

The countdown is at 4 days now.  And then I’ll be a mama to three kiddos.  It’s interesting, the thoughts swirling around:

I hope she’s cute! I’m SO done being pregnant… Can I do this? How will my bigger littles respond? Will I ever get my regular quiet times with Jesus back? Will my desire to immerse myself in Scripture get amped up again? How did my feet get this big???Where are my pants?  I can’t find them!  Oh, they’re on me already… Will my body decide to like milk ever again? Peanut butter is not supposed to affect my digestive system like that! Thank you, Jesus for Netflix! I hope I have more ice chips in the freezer. Oh, my aching back! Three kids– I must be crazy! Hooray for paper plates! It’s tough, not being able to reach the dustpan… Freezer meals are my favorite! Four days… I can do this!  …I think…!

I’m basically a frazzled mess, can ya tell? 🙂

But I’m a cherished mess.  And, as is the phrase these days, a beautiful mess.

I am beautiful, not for who I am or what I can accomplish (which isn’t much, being that I have no energy these days).  I am beautiful because of the One who loves me with a perfect love.  My beautiful (clean, orderly, perfect) Jesus loves me with a beautiful (pure, unconditional, everlasting, faithful) love, and it is because of who He is and what He offers that makes me beautiful. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder; beauty is in the heart of the Lover.

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