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6 Minutes of Encouragement

🌿“In America today it is extremely difficult right now to be a conservative or a republican. However, it’s a great time to be a Christian.”

Today’s sermon was some of the BEST encouragement I’ve received thus far regarding our country’s status, raising children amidst a currupt nation, and exactly what we should do in light of trouble. If you have 6 minutes to spare, please take a listen:

🌿 “The war’s been going on all along between God and Satan, and it’s being fought here. It’s just that most of us have been too busy living our comfortable lives that we don’t really see it.”

🌿 “It’s a GREAT time to be raising children!” “What a time to clearly see the difference between Truth and lies.” “Don’t waste this time. Don’t waste the lies... Use that to help your children understand.” “Its a great time [to raise children] because the lines are so much clearer.”

🌿 “What do we do?! We preach the gospel and make disciples.”

I am so incredibly grateful for our faithful church and our Jesus-following leaders who strive always to know Him more.

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1 Comment

Teresa Moyer
Teresa Moyer
Feb 04, 2021

Great message and video! Yes the war in the spirit realm has never stopped but we got to busy to notice, Then COVID hit us and forced us to SLOW down and our eyes and hearts opened up again to see this war that has never stopped. But yet at the same time the Christian church's are changing and we need to have eyes that see and hearts that discern when they begin to follow the new idea of Progressive Christianity and to turn and run far away from those churches that stop believing the Bible is 100% true. The war is very real in the spiritual realm.

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