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22 Biblical Truths to Counter Self-Centric Thinking

When we maintain a self-centric view, whether positive or negative, we lose the beautiful opportunity to know God more. And when we seek Him first, every lie we tell ourselves will be conquered by His Truth. As we struggle against negative “I am” statements about ourselves, let us retrain our thinking towards God’s “I AM” statements about who He is and what He has done, because HIS truth will determine that which is true about us.

(Scroll below for the "I AM"s of God to echo our own broken "I am"s. You may also download the pdf from the Freebies page.)

Far superior to mere positive thinking or simply repeating personal affirmations, focusing on God's truth will rewire our self-centric method of thinking to that of His own. In that pursuit we will do that which is our utmost aim: to know Him more.

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