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Foster Kitties and the Gospel

🌿My alarm for today is set for 6:23am. Yet I have been up for the past few hours with the kitty we are fostering. She had somehow escaped the pampered room I created for her, and has been going up and down the bamboo-floored hallways yowling in angst for her owner. Between the claw marks in my shoulders as I tempted to cuddle her into calm, and the beginning growls in my ear as she tried desperately to escape and continue terrorizing our two house cats, my peace was seriously frazzled.

Indy the foster kitty. Super sweet, absolutely beautiful, but not convenient.

🌿How precious it was, then, to watch Kathy Howard’s devo on the launch page for her new book, Deep Rooted, saturated in the gospel.

🌿Oh, the gospel- the BEST GOOD NEWS you’ll ever find. It’s the reason I am able to show love to anyone, including my family members as I sacrifice my sleep to let them keep theirs, this feisty kitty missing her owner, and her owner by extension. It all comes down to the gospel.

🌿My peace is back intact though my brain and body are tired, and I’m already looking forward the nap I have scheduled with my girlies (as we’re all sick). But Jesus is sweeter, and the GOOD NEWS of His love and it’s transformative power keeps me going through the hardest times and the most bitter sovereignty. In the grand scheme of things a yowling kitty is but a blip of inconvenience. But even a foster cat can be used to showcase Christ.

🌿May I ever #KnowHimMore, that I might remember the gospel in every moment, and steward it well.

You can find Kathy’s book via the link- I recommend it! #DeepRootedDevo

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