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Nikki Vs.
Fourth Grade

Meet nine-year-old homeschooled Nikki Forester and follow along as she experiences the injustices which naturally befall a typical fourth grader, learning life lessons and growing in character along the way. Armed with a blue gel pen, an old journal, and a desire to know how to do life, Nikki learns that true contentment is only found in Jesus.

ETA: Autumn 2021

Practicing Hope:

How to Thrive When the Weeds of Life Are Choking Your Soul

Hope can seem a lost art, especially if you have been sorely disappointed. But what if the secret to thriving in life could be found in the garden of your own heart?

ETA: Summer 2022

They say nothing is certain except death and taxes, but we can all agree that utter disappointment has a right to join that list of inevitability. Every woman has contended with unmet expectations and its resulting heartache and many are trapped in the grief of their shattered trust.


Practicing Hope will breathe new life into the weary woman, transforming her understanding of what it truly means to long with Biblical expectancy. As an 8-week devotional Practicing Hope offers practical applications towards nurturing a habit of hope in addition to a guided journaling experience for meditation

and creativity.

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